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About us

“Agrounija” is a private production and trade enterprise. It was founded in 1989 in Skopje, Macedonia by the agroengineer Ognen Orovchanec.
The idea behind the establishment of this enterprise was to provide a suitable environment for scientific research and to continue the work of Ilija Orovchanec, selection i.e creation of new wheat varieties. With a PhD in agriculture he was the founder of wheat selection in Macedonia. He also managed agricultural production, built stockhouses where the wheat seeds and other agronomic crops were manufactured. The primary purpose for manufacturing the wheat seeds was export.
20 years upon the establishment:
Agrounija has got its very own “Agrounija” center with over 2500 square meters. This center contains the head office, the central stockhouse, the center for final processing of the seed with a capacity of 1200-1500 tons of seed, a fodder manufacturing plant, as well as retail.

There are five sales centers for commerce with mineral fertilizer, seeds, products for plant protection, fodder, all kinds of material for agriculture, as well as agricultural machinery.
The work in Agrounija consists of: - continuous scientific research activities; selection; creation of new wheat varieties and triticale. Agrounija has 18 of its wheat varieties approved and registered, along with one triticale variety.

Agrounija has an annual seed production of 200 hectares with its own agricultural machinery, moreover an organized seed production in cooperation with other subjects on additional 200 to 300 hectares.

Agrounija owns a fleet of light commercial vehicles, vans and trucks.

Agrounija is an associate member of the Faculty of Agriculture at the “Goce Delchev” University in Shtip. It is also a member of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

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